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Consider Instagram the Kodak Moment Spot on a virtual town tour. Like its app icon shaped like a lens, Instagram focuses on being a highly visual medium.With new features being added to the site combined with its growth and prized demographic, Instagram may be worthy of building an audience for future engagement. It’s worth noting that Facebook owns Instagram so the same advertising features and targeting capabilities on Facebook are available to Facebook advertising customers, even if you don’t have an account on Instagram. 


More Americans use Facebook than any other online platform except YouTube with about 69% of adults checking it daily, according to a Pew Research Center study. Its users range across a diverse demographic spectrum around the country and the world. With so many choices, you may wonder where to begin.Facebook is a great platform for you to begin your social media endeavor. Consider Facebook as the plaza or town square of your virtual town.


 Twitter is like a newsstand. It’s where you can quickly find more up-to-date news and information than a Google search or any other media. Likewise, if you have newsworthy information to share, Twitter is the place to do it. A huge benefit to advertising with Twitter is that it can be helpful in creating brand awareness. 


As with any social media platform, it can be difficult to get engagement on your posts without a following. If you or your business is new to social media, it will take time to build up followers. However, by using Snapchat's business platform you can reach more customers. Snapchat is the "club" of the social media world. Send customers or clients a snap giving them details on a new promotion or show that new product you want to fly off the shelves. 


While TikTok is growing rapidly, especially with younger audiences, its practical use for businesses lags behind other platforms, making it an ideal place to build brand awareness if you can learn to leverage the platform and get ahead of your competition. This platform is extremely trend-based, so business that sell products or make goods will greatly benefit from jumping on the social media town train. 

A Secret ingredient in the recipe for success. 

The key to being successful in social media is to be social. You can’t ignore your followers or post only promotional posts, and expect to have a positive experience. In the long run, the opportunities available with building a social media presence outweigh any aversion you may have to using it for your business. In addition, the personal connections you can make online can serve you well in the real world. Social media is no longer a light distraction, but a toolbox you can use to maintain old connections and make new ones.

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